CBL (Central Bureau voor Levensmiddelen)
Dutch Food Retail Association

The Netherlands
600 million whole eggs per year
Over 2 million hens per year

CBL is the sector-wide trade organisation for Dutch supermarkets. It represents major international names such as Albert Heijn, Lidl, Aldi and Metro in the Netherlands. All the supermarkets in the Netherlands have ended the sale of cage eggs, now selling only barn, free-range and organic eggs.

Marc Jansen accepts the Good Egg Award for CBL

"Dutch retailers decided not to wait for the deadline of European legislation of the ban on cage-production in 2012. All supermarket chains in the Netherlands have banned cage-eggs from their shelves from 2005. In general, supermarkets want to offer the consumer a free choice. In some cases, with respect to animal welfare we deliberately limit the choice for the consumer. In this case, the hen comes first. Cage-free eggs means cage-free chicken and the consumer in The Netherlands wants chickens to have more space to express more natural behaviour.

"Animal welfare is an important issue for Dutch consumers. Retail is involved in improvement of welfare of every animal of which products are being sold in supermarkets. Improving animal welfare is a matter of common sense for Dutch retailers."

Marc Jansen, Head of Consumers and Quality Affairs

CBL (Dutch Food Retail Association) includes all supermarkets in the Netherlands:

  • Albert Heijn
  • Aldi
  • Boni Markten
  • Boon Sliedrecht
  • CoopCodis
  • Deen Supermarkten
  • Deli XL
  • Samenw. Dirk van den Broek Bedr.
  • EM-TÉ Supermarkten
  • Hoogvliet Supermarkten
  • Jan Linders
  • Jumbo Supermarkten (awarded 2007)
  • De Kweker
  • Kruidenier Foodservices
  • Lekkerland
  • Lidl Nederland
  • Metro Nederland
  • Nettorama
  • Plus Retail
  • Poiesz Supermarkten
  • Sanders Supermarkten
  • C1000
  • Sligro
  • Stationsfoodstore
  • Super de Boer
  • Vakcentrum
  • Groothandel in Levensmiddelen Van Tol
  • Vomar Voordeelmarkt