McDonald's Europe

Over 117 million eggs per year (across Europe)
Over 400,000 hens per year (across Europe)

McDonald's is the leading food service operator in the EU. It uses 117 million free-range 'whole' eggs in the EU each year in menu items such as Egg McMuffins, scrambled-egg based breakfasts and salads. Over 90% of these eggs across 23 EU countries are now free-range and through the Good Egg Awards, McDonald's has committed to phasing out the remaining 'caged' whole eggs in its restaurants across the EU27 by the end of 2010. McDonald's has been free-range for some time on eggs in the UK so we're pleased that this policy will now extend to the rest of Europe.

Keith Kenny accepts the Good Egg Award for McDonald's

"We are very pleased to be recognised by Compassion in World Farming for the work we are continuing to do throughout the EU to phase out the use of eggs laid by caged birds from our menus. Our customers are increasingly interested in animal welfare and sustainability. We also believe this is the right thing to do. This is the latest step in McDonald's evolution from being a fast food company to a company that serves good food, fast. Eradicating the use of 'caged' whole eggs from our supply chain throughout the EU is a complex challenge, but we are confident of achieving this before the end of 2010."

Keith Kenny, Senior Director, McDonald's Supply Chain Europe