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    Save the Asian Elephants | 05.11.2015

    I recently returned from Sumatra where I was following up leads on the connection between factory farming and the demise of iconic species like the critically endangered Sumatran elephant....

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    Intensive farming threat to biodiversity | 12.11.2013

    The latest Eurobarometer survey results show that 94% of EU citizens consider intensive farming, along with over-fishing and deforestation, to be a threat to biodiversity...

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    Take Action for Chickens’ Lib | 19.09.2013

    Our close friend and colleague, Clare Druce, has a new book published; Chickens’ Lib. It is beautifully written and a compelling read. Clare puts factory farming under the microscope and comes up with...

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    Nature of farming | 24.07.2013

    Compassion is proud to support farmers who do the right thing for the animals and the land in their charge as well as the wildlife whose homes are in the countryside. In previous blogs, I interviewed ...

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    Defra: Please don’t keep us in the dark about the food we buy | 18.07.2013

    Scandals such as the horsemeat debacle and more recently Bovine Tuberculosis-infected cattle sneaking into the food chain, spooked a lot of consumers, and understandably so.  The horsemeat scandal alo...

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    Puffins on speed! | 17.06.2013

    'Puffin'© Copyright Peter McIlroy and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Licence Having spent a few days on the ‘Puffin Island’ of Lundy in the Bristol Channel, did I actually get to see a Puff...

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    Super-highway sheep | 10.06.2013

    Horses of frosted brown and tan graze the moorland in the early morning sunlight. They stand tails swishing beside the jagged ruins of a long-abandoned granite hospital building. Bright yellow bursts ...

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Compassion in World Farming campaigns to end factory farming.  My book, Farmageddon, explodes the myths behind our broken food system and sets out an alternative vision that will benefit animals, people and the countryside.

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