Patrons and celebrity ambassadors

Compassion is proud to stand alongside a diverse group of patrons and celebrity ambassadors whose incredible talents are helping us to end factory farming.

Here is what these amazing supporters have to say about their work to end factory farming:

Joanna Lumley, Patron

Actress and campaigner

Joanna Lumley Headshot
Compassion in World Farming has done an amazing job in achieving real changes for millions of farm animals. Huge challenges still face us – not least the global increase in meat consumption, which is driving the establishment of more factory farms. However, if we all get together and support Compassion’s work, I believe we will be able to achieve internationally the kinds of changes we have seen here in the UK and in Europe.

Evanna Lynch, Patron


evanna lynch headshot
We can all agree that keeping animals locked up in tiny cages where they can't even stretch their legs IS inhumane, intolerable and unnecessary. We don't have to tolerate this kind of cruelty. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel here, just asking for some basic compassion and kindness in the lives of these creatures who have given up so much for us.

Ellie Harrison

TV Presenter

Ellie Harrison CA.jpg
I got involved with Compassion because it was started and is run by farming people. It recognises that we live in a hungrier world and that we’re not going to turn the world vegetarian. But it sees the power that we all have to ensure what we eat involved as little suffering as possible.

Rose Elliot MBE, Patron

Vegetarian cookery writer

Rose elliott.jpg
I deeply admire Compassion’s great work to end factory farming and hope that my own veggie cookbooks have helped many people on their personal journeys to reduce their meat consumption.

Peter Egan, Patron

Actor and campaigner

My life is dedicated to animal welfare. For me it is the issue of the century.  I am proud to be a patron of Compassion, to be on the same compassionate path, committed to a mutual goal. I hope many more will join us and help, to bring an end to the cruelty.

Professor John Webster, Patron

Leading expert on farm animal welfare

John Webster.jpg (1)
I have always held Compassion in the highest regard because they concentrate their concern on the welfare of those in the greatest need; the farm animals whom we exploit the most for the food they provide but whose lives we largely ignore. In recent years Compassion (and I) have expanded our concerns to embrace the impact of farming on the whole living environment: flora and fauna, animals domestic and wild. What we share is the will to seek the best possible practical application of the principle of reverence for life.

Jilly Cooper OBE, Patron


Jilly Cooper 1.jpg
I’m constantly overwhelmed with admiration for the courage, tenacity, humanity and loving kindness of Compassion in World Farming. Your letters nearly always make me cry because you shine torches on things that are so, so sad and evil but you so often manage to relieve the suffering of animals. I thank you on behalf of the animals, the birds and those people who love them, but feel helpless as how to help them.

Jonathon Porritt CBE, Patron

Leading environmentalist

Jonathan Porritt.jpg (1)
In many respects, farm animal welfare is the ‘lost issue’ on the broad terrain of sustainable development. Yet without a robust, unyielding focus on the way we breed, rear and slaughter animals, the notion of sustainable farming will forever remain something of an illusion. And that’s what makes Compassion in World Farming so special. For forty years, it has provided exactly that focus, and with deep intelligence and humanity reminds us today (often very uncomfortably!) of some of the blind spots in our thinking about sustainable food and farming.

Bruce Kent, Patron

Nuclear disarmament & animal welfare campaigner

Bruce kent.jpg (1)
I became passionately involved in this campaign as a result of watching a television programme of young veal calves being brutalised and denied any kind of decent life. We have no right to treat other creatures in cruel and brutal ways. For this reason I am delighted to be a patron of Compassion in World Farming.

Professor Joy Carter, Patron

Vice Chancellor, Winchester University

Joy Carter .jpg
I shall always be so thrilled and honoured to be associated with such an amazing organization as CIWF. All life -and our planet- is precious and compassion for farmed animals is a hugely important part of the bigger picture. CIWF is working so effectively. Let’s support them to the full!

Dame Penelope Keith DBE, Patron


Penelope Keith 2.jpg (1)
I have always cared for farm animals, but it wasn’t until Compassion in World Farming brought to my attention the dreadful conditions in which they are often farmed that I became an avid supporter. You do marvellous work educating people. So I am very pleased to be a patron.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

 Campaigner & food writer

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall Headshot
All over the world now, we’ve got booming populations with an increasing voracious appetite to eat meat. And it’s too much meat – for human health; for the welfare of farm animals; for our environment to sustain. We need a massive rethink.

Toyah Willcox

Actress & Musician

Toyah Willcox
A cage is never enough for any animal and that means rabbits too. Compassion in World Farming want to make sure rabbits have a fair and just life, without unnecessary suffering. I fully support their aims in making sure rabbits get a fair deal. I am utterly convinced people do not want the meal on their plate to have come via suffering and exploitation.

Paul O’Grady MBE

TV Personality

paul ogrady.jpg
I urge you to support Compassion in World Farming and put a stop to caged animal farming. Let’s End the Cage Age, we can do this!

Kate Ford


Kate Ford.jpg (2)
No animal should spend its life inside a cage. We must join together to end such cruelty and that's why I stand with Compassion in World Farming to End the Cage Age.

Princess Alia Al Hussein of Jordan, Patron

Animal welfare advocate

I am extremely glad to be associated with Compassion in World Farming. It is wonderful to have such a sensible grass roots organisation with sound policies, achievable (if with much effort!) goals, and solid worldwide contacts to turn to for advice and input , both of which I have done in the past! I hope that we can continue to go from strength to strength in achieving a better life for all Farm creatures, whatever their purpose, and throughout their lives.

Sir Crispin Tickell GCMG KCVO FZS, Patron

Leading environmentalist

The food we eat comes from the rich productivity of the natural world. Good farming requires us to respect as well as make best use of a vast range of organisms - animals, plants and soils - and exactly how we do so is the mission of Compassion in World Farming. It deserves all the support it can get.

Allegra McEvedy MBE

Chef and cookery writer

Allegra McEvedy.jpg (1)

Pauline McLynn

Actress, author and animal campaign

pauline mclynn.jpg

Liz Earle MBE

Business leader and organic farmer

Liz Earle.jpg

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