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The Vision for Fair Food and Farming

The Vision for Fair Food and Farming seeks to achieve global adoption of food and farming policies which respect and protect the interests of people, animals and the planet. The Vision is currently open for signature by respected global figures in fields such as the arts, business, religion and academia. By encouraging endorsement for the Vision’s principles, we hope to achieve greater weight in achieving policy change.

We seek food and farming policies that promote:

  1. Good health by ensuring universal access to sufficient and nutritious food.
  2. Sustainable farming methods, which support rural livelihoods and relieve poverty.
  3. Protection for the planet and its precious resources: soil, water, forest and biodiversity.
  4. Reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants from agriculture.
  5. Humane farming methods which promote the health and natural behaviour of sentient animals and avoid causing them pain and suffering.
  6. Reduced consumption of animal products in high-consuming populations to meet environmental, health and sustainability goals.

Find out more about the rigorous thinking behind the Vision for Fair Food and Farming.

Become a Visionary

If you would like to become a visionary, please email with your full name, profession, the organisation for which you work, and the country in which you are based.