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Eating the planet? Summary

How We Can Feed the World Without Trashing It? Focused on land and biomass use, including cropland farming, livestock rearing, bioenergy production and conversion of primary…

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The Impact of Livestock Farming

This publication offers constructive solutions to the threats to animals, people and the planet caused by intensive farming.

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Industrial Animal Agriculture

Colour illustrated, clear summary of main welfare problems of laying hens, broiler chickens, pigs and dairy cows in intensive farming systems, plus problems of live transport.

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Summary: Detrimental Impacts of Animal Agriculture

Illustrated report shows how the spread of factory farming to developing countries disrupts traditional farming and social systems, causes environmental and human diet-related…

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Towards a flourishing food system

It has long been recognised that high-input, resource-intensive farming systems are harmful and unsustainable; yet there has been considerable intertia around action to deliver…

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Food sense

Our current food system is failing and we need an urgent rethink.

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Farm Animals & Us Compilation DVD

Resources for Science, Citizenship & PSHE, Religious Studies, Geography, English, Animal Care and Media Studies. Contains all key Compassion in World Farming education films…

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Stimulus Response

Delightful 26 minute film from the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour helps teach the nervous system and animal behaviour using stories which show the remarkable…

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Good agricultural practice - pig production film

See the natural behaviour of pigs inherited from their wild ancestors and how some behaviours are thwarted in intensive pig farming. See practical methods of higher welfare pig…

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