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Compassion calls for reform of dairy industry

Dairy cows suffer the most in current dairy crisis

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Supporting Better Dairy Meets EU Commission

The Supporting Better Dairy coalition will meet with the European Commission's Animal Welfare unit on Wednesday 23rd October to present the signatures of those supporting an EU…

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Waitrose brings good news to dairy cows

Compassion praises Waitrose on their milk commitment

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The life of a UK dairy bull calf: improved

I had the great pleasure of attending the launch of the final report from the Beyond Calf Exports Stakeholders Forum. As founding co-chair of the Forum, it was humbling to see…

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It’s good to be alive!

Millcombe House and valley, Lundy It was early morning on Lundy and I braved the strong north-easterly wind, leaving the cottage under overcast sky. I checked the pig field for…

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Cow Appreciation Day

In this guest blog, Carol Lever, Director of Free Range Dairy Network, explains why it is so important for cows to have the freedom to graze

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Calf forum report

The Modern Solution to the Exports of Calves: Working in Black and White 

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Compendium: the complete guide to dairy cows

Collection of resources about dairy cows and how they are farmed. Find out about the life of a dairy cow from birth to slaughter, welfare issues and key statistics.

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EFSA Dairy Report

A summary of key findings and recommendations of the 2009 EFSA dairy report.

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Beyond Calf Exports

The Efficiency, Economics and Practicalities of Sexed Semen as a Welfare-friendly Herd Replacement Tool in the Dairy Industry.

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