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Free-range hens happier in cages?

Are you one of the British egg-lovers who have helped make free-range sales over 50% of  egg sales? Well done if you are, but you might be questioning your wisdom if you read…

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Take Action for Chickens’ Lib

Our close friend and colleague, Clare Druce, has a new book published; Chickens’ Lib. It is beautifully written and a compelling read. Clare puts factory farming under the…

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Netherlands betters Britain on welfare

Britain once led the world on farm animal welfare. Well, that’s what I’m always being told: “highest standards of animal welfare in the world…” If it ever did, not anymore…

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It’s good to be alive!

Millcombe House and valley, Lundy It was early morning on Lundy and I braved the strong north-easterly wind, leaving the cottage under overcast sky. I checked the pig field for…

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Compendium: The complete guide to laying hens

Collection of resources about laying hens and how they are farmed. Find out about the life of a hen from birth to slaughter, welfare issues and key statistics.

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Controlling feather pecking without beak trimming

This report reviews the evidence from the scientific literature and from practical experience which demonstrates that feather pecking and cannibalism can be controlled in non-cage…

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Welfare Implications of Beak Trimming

3 page briefing on the welfare implications of beak trimming by hot blade and infra-red beam.

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Laying Hens Case Study: Austria

An Account of the Successful Phasing Out of Beak Trimming Without Increasing Problems of Injurious Pecking in Austria.

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Laying Hens Case Study: United Kingdom

This case study gives an account of how beak trimming of laying hens in Columbian Blacktail hens is being phased out without an increase in feather pecking or cannibalism.

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Alternatives to the Barren Battery Cage in the EU

This report looks at the scientific evidence to assess the ability of enriched cages and non-cage systems to meet the welfare requirements of laying hens.

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