2013: EU exports to the Middle East

Romanian Bull In Lebanon

When meat is imported into the European Union the law stipulates that the animal must have been slaughtered in line with EU legislation. However, when EU animals are exported, the same rules are not afforded to them and instead they face brutal treatment and long drawn out slaughter.

A vast number of Europe’s exported livestock go to the Middle East where Compassion’s 2014 investigation, in partnership with Animals Australia, uncovered immeasurable suffering. When European farm animals are exported to non-EU countries every shred of protection they once received in their place of birth is rendered meaningless. After enduring long, exhausting journeys by land and sea they may face terrifying ordeals at slaughter. Animals are dragged by their limbs, bound up with ropes, pinned down by groups of men, beaten with metal rods, suspended upside down for extended periods of time, and eventually slaughtered in unacceptable ways that leave them conscious for many minutes after having their throats cut.

Please take a moment to watch our investigation film and find out more about this deplorable trade. Please be warned; some of this film is distressing to watch, but it is essential concerned citizens find out where European animals are ending their journeys.

The Fate of Exported European Animals

Warning: Due to the content of this film you may need to confirm you are over 18 in order to view it

The European Commission has the power to ban this trade, as it has other unethical trades, but as each day passes without action more and more animals continue to suffer.


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