Philip Lymbery, Compassion CEO

Philip Lymbery

Speaking Dates

Speaking Dates

Philip Lymbery will be speaking at the following events in 2017:

  • 25th March 2017Book Pride Fair, Milan, Italy - 1700hrs, Innovation B, Diogene Room
  • 26th March 2017Evolution Festival, Prague, Czech Republic - 1500hrs, Vystaviste Holesovice, Prague 7
  • 30th/31st March 2017Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland - 1830hrs, The Naughton Institute, Pearse St, Dublin 2
  • 19th April 2017 – Madrid, Spain (details coming soon)
  • 20th April 2017 – Barcelona, Spain (details coming soon)
  • 6th May 2017ReThinking Animals Summit, New York Academy of Medicine (1216 5th Avenue, New York, USA) 1415hrs
  • 22nd May 2017 – Dead Zone Exhibition, Natural History Museum (details coming soon)
  • 23rd May 2017Bristol Festival of Ideas, Bristol, 1230hrs
  • 24th May 2017 - Four Marks and Medstead Rotary Club, 1930hrs (members only)
  • 26th May 2017The Big Bath Debate: Food, Bath Festival, Bath, 1000hrs
  • 18th June 2017 – York Festival of Ideas, York, 1450hrs
  • 21st/22nd June 2017 - Eurogroup for Animals Annual General Meeting, Brussels 
  • 24th June 2017 – Compassion in World Farming Supporter Conference (details coming soon)
  • 27th June 2017Bloomsbury Institute, Bloomsbury Publishing, 50 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3DP (details coming soon)
  • 10th – 14th July 2017 – Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa (details coming soon)
  • 26th/27th August 2017River Cottage Festival (details coming soon)
  • 1st-3rd September 2017 - 2017 AJC Decatur Book Festival, Decatur, Atlanta, USA
  • 4th-7th September 2017 - Dead Zone exhibition, European Parliament (3rd floor space), Brussels 
  • 5th September 2017 - Dead Zone seminar, European Parliament (Room PHS 1C51), Brussels, 1400-1700hrs 
  • 5th September 2017 - Dead Zone exhibition, European Parliament, Brussels - Opening Reception early evening
  • 5th-6th October 2017 – Compassion in World Farming International Conference – Extinction and Livestock, Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London, UK

Please check back for more upcoming speaking events soon.


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Compassion in World Farming campaigns to end factory farming. My new book, Dead Zone, explores the links between factory farming and the demise of our iconic wildlife, and what we can do to save it.

Philip Lymbery

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