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Dutch slower growing chickens require less antibiotics than fast-growing chickens

Evidence from the Dutch industry shows that chickens in higher welfare systems are much less likely to require antibiotic treatment.

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Dutch slower growing chickens require less antibiotics than fast-growing chickens

This briefing shows data from the Dutch industry which indicate that slower-growing chickens are at least 3x less likely to require antibiotic treatment as fast growing…

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How to transition to a nourishing, sustainable, equitable and humane food system

If we want a better system we will need to embark on far-reaching changes. The question is, how can these be achieved?

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What kinds of agriculture will help us reach the sustainable development goals?

Compassion’s new article in the UN Environment Perspective Series explores the kinds of agricultural practices that will help us reach the Sustainable Development Goals. The…

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Until the Seas Run Dry

Until the Seas Run Dry - how industrial aquaculture is plundering the oceans

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Why Fish Welfare Matters: The Evidence for Fish Sentience

What is sentience, why sentience matters and how we know fish that fish are sentient beings.

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Industrial animal agriculture will put several SDGs out of reach August 2018

The FAO recognises that industrial livestock production “may occur at the expense ofdiminishing the market opportunities and competitiveness of small rural producers”.1 TheWorld…

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Scientific research shows that the industrial model of agriculture and the Western diet will make it difficult to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the ParisClimate…

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UNEA-4 Achieving sustainable food systems January 2019

Estimates of the number of people that could be fed from current food production varyfrom 11.5 billion to nearly 16 billion. We produce sufficient food; the problem is thatover…

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The Welfare of Farmed Fish During Slaughter in the EU

There is a growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating that fish are sentient animals – capable of affective states of pain, fear and psychological stress and examples of…

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