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    Fats, Farming and Food

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    This briefing describes the different types of dietary fats, and which to eat and which to avoid....

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    Zoonotic diseases

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    The dire consequences of factory farming...

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    Download: Attachment Nutrition | Size (1.24MB)

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    Antibiotics health crisis

    Download: Attachment Antibiotics health crisis | Size (1.56MB)

    Compassion highlights the part played by factory farms....

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    Antibiotics in Animal Farming

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    Public Health and Animal Welfare: Why non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in farm animals should end....

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    The Impact of Livestock Farming

    Download: Attachment The Impact of Livestock Farming | Size (0.45MB)

    This publication offers constructive solutions to the threats to animals, people and the planet caused by intensive farming....

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    Summary: Detrimental Impacts of Animal Agriculture

    Download: Attachment Summary: Detrimental Impacts of Animal Agriculture | Size (0.41MB)

    Illustrated report shows how the spread of factory farming to developing countries disrupts traditional farming and social systems, causes environmental and human diet-related health problems, and has...

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    Animal Organs in Humans

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    Describes in detail, using scientific and medical literature, how xenotransplants are unlikely to work in humans, and their potential for causing disease...

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