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    Food Sense

    Download: Attachment Food Sense | Size (1.76MB)

    Our current food system is failing and we need an urgent rethink....

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    Eating the planet? Summary

    Download: Attachment Eating the planet? Summary | Size (1.21MB)

    How We Can Feed the World Without Trashing It? Focused on land and biomass use, including cropland farming, livestock rearing, bioenergy production and conversion of primary biomass to food and fuel....

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    The Impact of Livestock Farming

    Download: Attachment The Impact of Livestock Farming | Size (0.45MB)

    This publication offers constructive solutions to the threats to animals, people and the planet caused by intensive farming....

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    Industrial Animal Agriculture

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    Colour illustrated, clear summary of main welfare problems of laying hens, broiler chickens, pigs and dairy cows in intensive farming systems, plus problems of live transport....

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    Summary: Detrimental Impacts of Animal Agriculture

    Download: Attachment Summary: Detrimental Impacts of Animal Agriculture | Size (0.41MB)

    Illustrated report shows how the spread of factory farming to developing countries disrupts traditional farming and social systems, causes environmental and human diet-related health problems, and has...

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