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Factory farming - Let's cross it out

We need your help to out factory farming.
One cruelty at a time.

Factory farming is animal cruelty on a massive scale. We need your support to end the suffering for good.

Factory farming began around 60 years ago as a ‘cheap’, post-war alternative to traditional farming. It should never have become a ‘standard’ way of producing food, and research has shown we can feed the world without factory farming.

The cheap meat, eggs and milk on supermarket shelves conceal the real suffering of factory-farmed animals. Each year, across the world, around four billion laying hens, 750 million pigs and 40 billion meat chickens continue to live in industrial systems, often in appalling, confined conditions. No animal should have to endure such suffering.

That’s why we are continuing our mission to cross out factory farming for good. If present trends continue, the number of factory-farmed animals is likely to double by 2050, so we have to act now. We’re determined to make sure factory farming becomes nothing more than a blip in human history. But this can only happen with your help.

Please support our campaign to put an end to factory farming.

Knowing we have your support is so important for farm animals everywhere. A regular gift from you will help us towards our goal, day after day, week after week and cruelty by cruelty until we’ve crossed out factory farming altogether.

If needless cruelty makes you cross too, please join our fight.
A regular gift of just £3 a month can help cross out factory farming.
One cruelty at a time.

We’ve already crossed out some of the worst abuses of farm animal welfare. But there is so much more we need to do.

Here are some of the cruelties we’ve already crossed out:

Veal crates in the UK and Europe

The UK ban on rearing calves in tiny cramped crates came into force in 1990. After continued pressure from Compassion and our supporters, the use of these crates also came to an end across Europe in 2007.

Subsidies on live exports

Compassion wants to see an end to the unnecessary suffering caused by the long-distance transport of farm animals for slaughter or further fattening. In 2005 we made a significant step towards this goal, when the EU eliminated subsidies for farmers who transported live cattle to the Middle East.

Barren Battery Cages

After years of tireless campaigning by Compassion, the EU ban on cramped barren battery cages came into effect in January 2012.Thanks to our supporters, millions of hens now live better lives.

What’s still making us cross:


The spread of US-style ‘mega-dairies’ could see thousands of cows housed in giant sheds, with little or no chance to graze on pasture. We believe this would be a terrible step in the wrong direction for dairy farming, our countryside and the welfare of animals. We have to stop it.

Sow stalls

In Europe, over a million pigs may still being confined in sow stalls throughout their entire pregnancy. We must ensure that the 2013 EU ban on sow stalls is fully enforced so that no pig spends her entire life trapped inside a cage.

The true cost of cheap meat

We’re urging consumers to look beyond the price of meat when choosing what to buy. Low prices often conceal the true cost to factory-farmed animals, living unnatural lives of intense suffering.

Illegal cruelty

Animal welfare laws we fought so hard for are being violated. We’re continuing to investigate and expose the dirty secrets of the intensive farming industry to stop these cruel practices.

Just £3 a month can help cross out factory farming. One cruelty at a time.