281,000 eggs per year
1000 hens per year

Tate art galleries comprising of Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives are famous in Britain and abroad for their British, international modern and contemporary art collections with various highly-regarded restaurants and cafes at each venue. Tate catering is well-known for sourcing fresh, seasonal and high-quality produce. Tate has won a Good Egg Award for using only free-range whole eggs and for committing to going cage-free on all egg ingredient by 2012.

Jeroen Schuijt accepts the Good Egg Award for Tate

"Tate Catering is passionate about sourcing the right ingredients for all its dishes - whether this is for one of our award winning cafes, our fine dining restaurants or for our bespoke events business. We see animal welfare as an extremely important factor when sourcing our produce - that's why we've taken action on eggs. It's something we know our customers care about as many of them already prefer free-range and organic shell eggs. We are delighted to be nominated for a Good Egg Award and hope that other caterers in the cultural sector will follow our lead."

Robin Bidgood, CEO Tate Catering