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“Cows do not belong in fields.”

Nocton Dairies Representative*

If Nocton Dairies have their way, Lincolnshire could soon be home to a so-called ‘super dairy’. Located just outside the village of Nocton, the farm’s giant sheds could house more than 8,000 cows, kept indoors for most of their lives.

In 1967, dairy farmer, Peter Roberts founded Compassion in World Farming in response to the wide-scale emergence of factory farming. In Lincolnshire in 2010, his rallying cry against the unnatural confinement and suffering of farm animals is needed more than ever.

The proposed construction of the UK's largest dairy farm poses a giant threat to animal welfare and all those who believe that humane and sustainable farming is the only viable way to feed our planet.

The plans have given rise to widespread objections by local residents, politicians and animal welfare organisations. Over 172 Members of Parliament signed a House of Commons Early Day Motion (EDM 1037) opposing the ‘super dairy’ and echoing the concerns of local residents. Compassion in World Farming submitted its own planning objection to the scheme.

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We are gearing up for a long battle. Because, whatever decision the local council eventually makes about Nocton Dairies, there will be much to do. The farm’s backers seem determined to introduce a US-style intensive dairy system to the UK, and others will no doubt follow in their wake. We are absolutely determined that this should never happen.

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New developments

Nocton Dairies have temporarily withdrawn their application following a meeting of the District Council Planning Department. The applicants were told they needed to consider how to improve concerns over environmental controls and highways issues.

“While welcoming this postponement, this sadly doesn’t mean that the Nocton Heath proposal has gone away. However, it represents a significant victory for local residents and all those concerned for the wellbeing of farm animals. We shall all continue to argue that the project is bad for Lincolnshire, bad for UK farmers, and bad for farm animals.

Joyce D’Silva
Director of Public Affairs, Compassion in World Farming

The campaign is far from over. The applicants have already bought the land for their industrial-scale dairy, and they are not simply going to walk away. We expect them to submit revised proposals shortly, and we must be there to fight this factory farm every step of the way. Discussions on a new timescale are ongoing, and we will update you on new developments as they happen.

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Over the last fifty years, dairy farming has become more intensive to increase the amount of milk produced by each cow.

Around 22 litres per day is typical in the UK. If they were producing just enough to feed their calves, this would be about 4 litres a day.

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* “Cows do not belong in fields.” was suggested by a representative of Nocton Dairies in an interview on BBC Radio Humberside on 17 March 2010. Later in the interview, the representative appeared to back-track, perhaps realising that this suggestion would not play well with the public.