Unfold a better future for hens

Over half of the world’s 6 billion laying hens spend their lives in cramped, barren battery cages. We need your help to change this.

A barren battery cage is as grim as it sounds. Four, five – or, in some countries, as many as eight – hens are crammed together in a single cage. Standing on bare wire mesh, they have no ground to scratch, nowhere to roost, no nest in which to lay their eggs. From the day she enters the cage to the day she is taken for slaughter, a hen may never see sunshine, feel fresh air, or even stretch her wings.

Compassion in World Farming is the world’s leading farm animal welfare charity. We believe that farm animals should not, and need not, suffer. And we believe the cruelty of the barren battery cage must stop.

Please join the Big Move campaign today and help show the world that the days of the barren battery cage are numbered.

The good news: Decades of campaigning by Compassion helped secure a ban on barren battery cages throughout the European Union. This ban came into force on 1 January 2012, and it has been hailed by many as the single biggest victory for animal welfare in recent history.

The bad news: Battery farming still goes on, on a massive scale, around the world: From China to the USA, from Brazil to India. And, just as shocking, is the fact that millions of hens are still in barren cages across Europe. Farmers in many EU Member States are violating the ban on these cages and, as a result, animals are continuing to suffer appalling, illegal cruelty.

We are working to change this: Through coordinating investigations in EU Member States that are harbouring illegal egg production, public events to raise awareness of the suffering of hens in barren cages, face-to-face meetings with policy makers, and high-profile political campaigns.

Tens of thousands of people have already joined the Big Move to help enforce the EU barren battery cage ban. Please join us too. Together we can ensure that the ban is implemented and enforced, in full, in every single Member State. Together we can change the lives of millions of animals.

When it comes to animal welfare, where Europe leads others often follow. With your support we can ensure that the EU truly does lead the way towards a world without the barren battery cage.

Thank you.

Take action today to Defend the Big Move

Millions of hens in Spain are being kept illegally in barren battery cages. Tell the Spanish government this is unacceptable.

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