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Phil Brooke - Welfare & Education Development Manager

Phil Brooke

Phil Brooke

Research and Education Manager

I believe we should ‘do as we would be done by.’ We are not the only species on this planet which matters and we should treat other animals including farm animals as we would wish to be treated if they were us and we were them.

I came into animal welfare for two reasons. I always loved animals and, as a student, I read a good book. “Animals, Men and Morals” made the case that the principles by which we treat our fellow humans do not magically break down at the species barrier. If it is wrong to do it to a human, it is also wrong to do it to any other kind of sentient animal.

This was the mid-‘70s and I was studying environmental science at the time. I decided on a career in animal welfare education and embarked on a teacher training course. After teaching Biology in Suffolk for 20 years, I landed the job of education officer at Compassion in World Farming in 1999. This involved producing and promoting educational resources for schools and colleges as well as running a speaker service. In the last few years my role has evolved into helping to develop the animal welfare knowledge base in Compassion’s research department, providing technical support for colleagues and occasional media work. Outside work, I also assist my partner Alison in the development of her website which addresses the welfare of fish caught in commercial fishing.