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Free resources for geography teachers

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Whilst some classes enjoy great discussions, in others, one or two students may dominate the debate. There are often many who prefer to keep quiet in front of others, but who are happy to discuss in small groups.

We have resources including films to stimulate general debate. Also a range of cards or worksheets to promote discussion in small groups. Please download our provide films and other resources at the links below. You can also order a free  DVDROM plus printed materials. Please specify Geography or the subject you want this for.

Discussion activities

  • Personality Test – pupils love quizzes! They can use this to analyse their philosophical approach to the use of animals for food. Should we put people first, safeguard the environment, prioritise animal welfare or respect the rights of animals?
  • How Should We Treat Farm Animals? – small group discussion activity which encourages students to consider the pros and cons of different systems for producing meat, milk and eggs including organic, free-range and intensive.
  • How Do Animals Matter? A range of philosophical viewpoints – card exercise with a range of opinions designed to encourage open ended discussion, from our original Farm Animals & Us Teachers’ Pack


Farm animals can be kept extensively or intensively, with significant implications for land-use and the environment. Compassion in World Farming produces a range of films which compare different systems for keeping farm animals and their implications for welfare and food security:

  • Farm Animals & Us – 17 minute film for students aged 10 & over covering intensive and alternative farming methods and their effect on the welfare of farm animals
  • Farm Animals & Us 2 – 25 minute film for students aged 14 to adult which covers the same subject in more detail.
  • A Life Worth Living – 5 minute film with five short sections of positive animal behaviour without commentary to encourage observation and discussion for all ages
  • Eat Less Meat – a 17 minute archive film for students aged 14 & over discussing the food security, health, environmental and animal welfare advantages of diets designed to be more sustainable.

For A-level students studying in depth, case studies of higher welfare farming across the world are available at our section on Good Agricultural Practice.

How do animals matter.jpg
How do animals matter?
personality test.jpg
Personality test
How should we treat farm animals.jpg
How should we treat farm animals?
farm animals and us.jpg
Farm animals and us
farm animals and us 2.jpg
Farm animals and us 2
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Speaker Service

Invite a speaker

You can also enrich your lessons by inviting a speaker to talk to your students. This service is available to schools and colleges in England and Wales, subject to availability. It is normally free, though some speakers appreciate travelling expenses if they have a way to come, but only if you have the budget for it.

Order resources

Free printed copies and DVDs can be ordered here. You are also very welcome to order materials, request download links, invite a speaker or ask us any question about our resources directly by emailing us at Please mention which subject you want the resources for or specify which resources you would like.

Finally, you don’t need to wait for us to send you our films and worksheets. You can download our films and teachers’ resources for free now!

Free resources for geography teachers

How we can feed the world without damaging the environment is a growing topic of debate. Discussing the rights and wrongs of the ways we treat animals for food is a great way of…

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