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Primary school and young children's resources

Resources on pigs

We have developed some new resources on pigs including some great short films and an interactive presentation full of questions to discuss. These are also appropriate for parents teaching their children from home.

The short films should be suitable for any age. Our interactive presentation is aimed at children age 7-11, though you may like to adapt or younger ones by editing some slides out. The resources include:

Resources on chickens

We have developed some engaging new resources on hens and chickens, including an interactive presentation and some short films, to show their natural behaviours and the ways we farm them.

Our interactive presentation is aimed at children age 7-11 but can be adapted for younger ones by editing some slides out. The short films are suitable for any age.

The resources include:

Needs of animals pack

This pack contains:

  • Needs of animals card exercises (2 pages)
  • Teachers notes for the activity

The teachers’ notes include ideas for using the Let’s Ask the Animals film and, for pupils aged 10-11 the secondary resources for older primary students.

Film - A Life Worth Living

Our new film A Life Worth Living includes some great clips of positive animal behaviour to stimulate discussion of the benefits of higher welfare farming – pigs and laying hens, ducks and quail.

We suggest using the five one-minute clips one at a time to encourage observation and stimulate discussion.

Help us improve our resources

Comments from teachers and lecturers are very much valued and help us to evaluate and improve our educational resources. Please feel free to contact us or use our evaluation form. The views of students would also be much appreciated.

Primary resources
Download: Primary school - Needs of animals pack | Size (2.17MB)