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Good Agricultural Practice - Pig Production

The GAP Pigs resources include:

All of these, including PDFs of the book and the lecturers’ notes, are available on a free DVD-ROM which can be ordered here.

These materials focus on issues and solutions for higher welfare farming practice. They are based on a combination of animal welfare science and the practical experience of farmers.

Future resources will cover other species and farming practices. Case studies on broiler chickens (chickens bred for meat) are available now.

GAP will be a valuable tool for lecturers, educationalists, vets, farmers, students of agricultural and veterinary science and for all who make decisions which affect the welfare of farm animals.

Good Agricultural Practice is a concept evolved by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). Good agricultural practices:

  • produce safe, healthy, high quality food for consumers
  • provide jobs with fair incomes for rural communities
  • are socially and environmentally sustainable
  • provide high standards of animal welfare.

The aim of Good Agricultural Practice should be to achieve development that is sustainable – good for consumers, humans health, food security, rural development, environment and animal welfare, both now and in the future.

Book, film, PowerPoint, case studies and lecturers’ notes on pig welfare for agriculture, veterinary and animal science courses.

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