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California fails geese and ducks

California overturns foie gras ban

We are deeply disappointed that California’s law banning the sale of inhumane foie gras has been overturned.

Foie gras or ‘fatty liver’, is produced by cruelly force feeding ducks and geese so that their livers become enlarged.

A federal judge issued a ruling that overturned California’s law banning the sale of foie gras. The ban was ruled unconstitutional because it interferes with a federal law right which state law cannot do.

We are hopeful that an appeal against this ruling will be successful.

Foie gras in Europe

We are calling for foie gras production to be banned across Europe. A European Council Directive states: “No animal shall be provided with food or liquid in a manner... which may cause unnecessary suffering or injury”.

Yet around one million birds die during this cruel feeding process every single year. Many countries have banned the force feeding of animals for foie gras. But the suffering goes on. Annually more than 19,000 tonnes of foie gras is produced in France alone.

Take action

We’re calling on the Presidents of the Commission and EU Agriculture Council to take urgent action. More than 290,000 people have said no to foie gras in Europe. Please sign the letter to the Presidents so we can ban foie gras in Europe once and for all.