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Cruelty exposed at abattoir

We are shocked to see undercover footage showing animals being horrifically mistreated from an abattoir that slaughters animals without being stunned. The footage was obtained by Animal Aid.

Philip Lymbery, CEO of Compassion in World Farming said: “I am shocked by the abhorrent cruelty to animals shown in the slaughterhouse in question. Whilst I fully support Animal Aid’s call for mandatory CCTV in abattoirs, what we need is for the government to close the loophole and ban slaughter without stunning.”

“Consumers expect all farm animals to be killed in the most humane way possible; all animals should be stunned before they are killed.”

We are against slaughtering animals without stunning them and we want to see the government put an end to the practice, which causes animal suffering.

While it is still allowed, we want to see clear labelling which identifies meat that comes from animals that were not stunned before being killed. Consumers can then make an informed choice.

It is also essential that animals are stunned effectively; there is a need for stronger regulations and good practise to be shared. Last year, we learned that chickens slaughtered for halal meat were not being stunned effectively, which means they will be receiving a painful electric shock that immobilises them before being slaughtered whilst fully conscious.

We are continuing to lobby the government on this issue and, while it has already passed the required 100,000 signatures, are urging people to sign the BVA’s government e-petition to end non-stun slaughter. The petition closes on March 30.