Rosa calls for honest labelling of chicken meat

Honest labelling of poultrymeat could help transform the lives of chickens across Europe

Please add your voice today and call for a simple change in the law.

When consumers know which farm system has been used to produce their food, many choose higher welfare. Method of production labelling of all poultrymeat in the EU could improve the lives of millions of meat chickens, just as better labelling has improved the lives of millions of egg laying hens.

The European Commission has the power to make this simple change and they are reviewing their poultrymeat marketing rules right now.


Rosa jumps for joy in Lithuania

Rosa jumps for joy in Lithuania

39 days is the average lifespan of an intensively farmed meat chicken.  So, over 39 days and nights, from 1 August - 8 Sept 2014, Rosa the over-sized broiler chicken visited 21 EU nations, calling for clear, honest labelling of all chicken meat.

39Days4Rosa was part of the Labelling Matters campaign, of which Compassion is a partner.  Rosa was accompanied by a team of three plucky volunteers.

Although Rosa has now finished her 2014 tour, you can still take action today - to call on Europe's policy makers to bring current voluntary poultrymeat labelling terms into law.  Only then will all poultrymeat be labelled by farm system, including meat from chickens in factory farms.

Take action for Rosa

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