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The power of YOU Part 2

News Icon 24/12/2015

Here is the second part of my blog, where I share my thoughts on the recent climate summit in Paris.

With business as usual projections, agriculture alone could take the world to the cusp of what in climate change circles they describe as the 2 degree Celsius ‘maximum safe limit’.

So far, our European representatives have refused to recognise livestock farming as a major contributor to greenhouse gases; despite an abundance of scientific evidence highlighting its irreversible damage.

To date, livestock farming is climate change's forgotten sector. This must be addressed if the world is to avert the disastrous consequences of exceeding the 2°C threshold, yet world leaders are refusing to acknowledge this at the forthcoming global climate change negotiations.

Factory farming is cruel, inefficient and damaging to the very resources we need for future food production. People may ask, ‘but what can I do?’ We can each make a difference, we can save the planet. Eat less, but better, meat and dairy products. It’s simple. But incredibly effective

It is unlikely that temperature rises can be kept below the 2°C target without a reduction in global meat and dairy demand. Therefore, instead of eating lots of 'cheap' meat from factory farmed animals reared in appalling conditions, we should be eating less, better quality meat and milk products. This change in diet would not only have environmental and health benefits, but would enable farmers to move toward more extensive, humane and sustainable farming methods, such as free range and organic.

We may feel alone, insignificant and powerless to act. But each time we choose a little less meat, making sure it comes from good pasture, free-range or organic farms, we’re doing our bit for ourselves, and our children’s’ future.


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