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On 27th May, Compassion’s Farmageddon message reached the battlefield of Huesca, Aragon, in Spain.

More than half of the pigs reared for meat in Spain are farmed in the Aragon region and neighbouring Catalonia, and there are currently plans threatening further expansion of pig farms across the area.

Thanks to our friends at the ‘Platform Loporzano sin Ganadería Intensiva’ (Platform Loporzano without Factory Farming) CIWF Spain visited the stunning natural and archaeological sites where there are plans to build these ’mega-piggeries’.

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In the evening Compassion took part in a presentation of Farmageddon in Pictures (La Carne que Comemos) at the Huesca Book Fair. Patricia de Rada, our Spanish representative, was part of the panel together with Rosa Diez Tagarro from the Loporzano Platform and Jorge Luis, MP.

Platform Loporzano continue to bravely fight to preserve Spain’s precious land and territories from expansion in the name of factory farming.

This union of forces resulted in a hugely successful day, and evening, and I am so pleased to see Compassion continuing to highlight the true cost of cheap meat at an international level.

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Compassion in World Farming campaigns to end factory farming. My new book, Dead Zone, explores the links between factory farming and the demise of our iconic wildlife, and what we can do to save it.

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You wouldn’t know that this is going on… you wouldn’t know that it’s part of industrial farming