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Live transport

Animal Transport: Law Enforcement Failures

For over thirty years enforcement of EU law on the protection of animals has been poor.

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Long-distance Live Transport: Common problems and practical solutions

Over the last several years, investigations into long-distance EU live transport have identified frequently recurring – yet preventable - problems with very serious impacts on…

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Help end the EU’s cruel live animal export trade

The EU exports over two million cattle & sheep a year to the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. The long journeys and slaughter practices in this region impose immense…

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Exports From European Union to Non-EU Countries

Report on the export of live animals from the European Union to non-EU countries.

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Widespread Failure to Enforce EU Animal Transport Law

An Analysis of Reports by the Food and Veterinary Office of the European Commission

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Long Distance Animal Transport in Europe

A Cruel and Unnecessary Trade. Each year, around six million farm animals are transported huge distances across Europe, some for slaughter, others for further fattening.

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Subsidised Trade in Live Cattle from EU to Middle East

Stop the Bull Ship' report on the subsidies funding the trade in live cattle from the EU and welfare issues during transport, handling and slaughter in the Middle East.

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