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Published 13.11.18

Young calf exports continue from Ramsgate port

Compassion joins protesters to witness second shipment of Scottish calves

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Published 30.10.18

A spooky petition hand in to #StopLiveTransport

‘Zombie sheep and calves’ deliver petition of over one million signatures to DEFRA

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Published 25.10.18

An antibiotic win: EU Parliament votes to save our antibiotics

EU Parliament votes to ban preventative mass medication of groups of healthy farm animals

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Published 23.10.18

Mary Midgley, a strong voice for respecting animals

British philosopher and Compassion in World Farming supporter, Mary Midgley dies, aged 99

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Published 08.10.18

UN climate change report emergency

Compassion calls on policy-makers to reduce agriculture emissions and consumers to lower meat and dairy consumption

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Published 25.09.18

Making history to End the Cage Age

Compassion and 130 other organisations join forces to launch the Europeans Citizens’ Initiative to End the Cage Age

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Published 14.09.18

The secrets of Scottish salmon farming

We are calling on the Scottish parliament for a moratorium on the salmon industry following recent revelations from an undercover investigation

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Published 04.09.18

Peter Melchett – Campaigner & Animal Advocate

Peter Robert Henry Mond, Lord Melchett, environmentalist, born 24 February 1948; died 29 August 2018.

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Published 06.08.18

The unsavoury truth behind many meat & dairy labels

Compassion calls on the UK government to introduce compulsory method of production labelling

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Published 28.06.18

The EU tackles the over-use of antibiotics in farming

European Union set to end the routine preventative use of antibiotics on farms

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