• Clear labelling

    We want clear and simple labels that will help you choose higher welfare animal products.

    Clear labelling
  • Cage-free eggs

    Since mandatory method of production labelling on shell eggs came into place in 2004, production of cage-free eggs has increased from 31% in 2003 to 51% in 2011 in the UK alone.

    Cage-free eggs
  • Horsemeat scandal

    Do you want full and honest food labelling, including method of production? Demand honest food labelling

    Horsemeat scandal

Labelling Matters

Do you want to know whether your food is free range or factory farmed? We are campaigning for full and honest food labelling, including method of production.

To provide transparent information to consumers, food from all animals should be labelled. If labelling is voluntary, it’s likely that only products farmed to good standards of animal welfare will be labelled. To ensure that intensively reared meat is labelled too, it is necessary to expand the principle of mandatory method of production labelling to all meat and dairy products.

First came the egg…

In 2004, after an enormous campaign effort, the EU introduced mandatory method of production labelling on shell eggs. Since then all eggs produced in the EU have been labelled, by law, as either 'eggs from caged hens', 'barn eggs' or 'free range'.

Egg labelling was successful because eggs from intensive systems had to be labelled too, so consumers had the full picture. This is an excellent example of how clear and simple method of production labelling can work. Since this labelling came into place in 2004, production, in the UK alone, of cage-free eggs has increased from 31% in 2003 to 51% in 2011.

In 2013, the EU agreed method production/method of catch labelling of fish. The new rules will mean that labels must contain the gear type used to catch the fish, along with a clearer, more specific catch area. This is another important step towards our overall goal of mandatory method of production labelling for all meat and dairy products.

What we are doing: Labelling Matters

We are working for method of production labelling, in partnership with RSPCA, World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), and Soil Association. Together we are working across the EU to demand change.

We know that more than 80% of the animals raised in the EU each year are factory farmed. These inhumane farming practices are hidden behind closed doors, out of the public view. Consumers want to be able to choose foods that are better for animal welfare.

Campaign aims - clear and simple

We’re calling for labelling on all animal produce and ingredients in the EU and we want the labels to be simple and clear and to convey the chief characteristic of the production system. This will give consumers the information they most want to know: ‘how was this animal kept?’

Coalition partners: Compassion in World Farming, RSPCA, Soil Association, World Animal Protecti

What you can do

Take action

Honest labelling on poultrymeat could help transform the lives of chickens across Europe. Please add your voice today and call for a simple change in the law.

Take action

Watch our film

Please watch a short film by Vince Cable's nine-year-old grandson Ayrton. In the film he explains why method of production labelling is so important to him.

Know your labels

Find out more about existing labels.

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If you’d like to support our campaign for clearer labelling, and help end factory farming please donate here.

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