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The long distance transport of animals results in suffering and poor welfare conditions, regardless of where those animals are going to or from. Compassion in World Farming believes that all animals should be slaughtered or fattened as near as possible to home, and that all long distance live transport should stop and be replaced with a carcass only trade. Please help us end the long distance transport of animals by taking some of the actions below.

Help stop the live export of animals from the UK

  • Call for a ban

    Urge the UK Government to ban the cruel live export trade.

  • Call for a change in the law

    The Harbours, Docks and Piers Clauses Act (1847) makes it impossible for public ports to refuse live exports. It’s about time this law was updated so that ports can legally refuse consignments of live, sentient, animals without fear of legal repercussions.


Help stop the live export of animals from the EU

  • Tell European Commissioners to act and stop exports from the EU to non-EU countries

    When EU animals are exported to countries outside the EU anything can happen to them. They can end up exported to volatile war-zones and face brutal slaughter. The EU must take responsibility for these animals. 

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  • Tell EU Agriculture Ministers they must help non-EU countries improve animal welfare

    If EU animals are to be exported to countries where they are not protected by EU law, those Member States must provide practical support to improve welfare standards in destination countries.

    Email EU Agriculture Ministers
  • Sign the petition against live exports to countries outside the EU

    As long as live exports are allowed to continue, Europe’s most vulnerable farm animals will suffer unimaginably at the hands of the live exports industry. Sign our petition today and help stop this trade.

    Sign the petition

Other actions to help end the long distance transport of animals

Please note: Compassion supports legal non-violent protest against live exports. Since we oppose violence to animals, we also oppose violence, intimidation and abuse towards people during any protest. We would additionally recommend that noise levels are kept low in the presence of animal trucks – the animals are suffering enough stress already.

What else can be done?

  • Sign up to the blog of Compassion's Chief Executive, Philip Lymbery.
  • Only buy organic milk and dairy products from suppliers that have a policy against the live export of calves and encourage your friends and family to do the same.
  • Learn more about live animal transport and live animal export by reading reports by Compassion.
  • Reduce the need for calf exports. If you buy veal, buy British veal.
  • Donate to Compassion in World Farming and help support our campaigns.

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