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Intensive farming is the world’s biggest cause of animal cruelty. It is also devastating the environment, our wildlife, and human health.

OUR VISION… is a world where farm animals are treated with compassion and respect.

OUR MISSION… is to end factory farming.

Together, we’re thinking BIG, to forge a future where all food is produced humanely and sustainably. Our supporters are helping us to push boundaries – in politics, in food businesses, in the minds of consumers – to show that farm animals should not, and need not, suffer.

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You can download the pdf of our impact report here.

Stopping the machine

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Factory farming cages, overcrowds and mutilates. It abuses billions of farm animals every year.

It is also linked to the demise of farmland birds, bees, butterflies, and iconic wild animals – from South African penguins to Sumatran elephants and Brazilian jaguars. This systematic devastation of wildlife was exposed by our global investigation, Dead Zone: Where the Wild Things Were, published in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, India, South Africa and Italy throughout 2017.

This investigation inspired a hard-hitting new Compassion campaign to STOPTHEMACHINE. Launched in May 2017 at London’s Natural History Museum, STOPTHEMACHINE targets politicians and policy makers, and includes an exhibition that has since toured key European cities and venues, including the European Parliament.

The investigation also provided the opportunity to bring together conservationists, environmentalists and animal welfare campaigners at our landmark Extinction and Livestock conference, co-hosted by WWF. One of the conference’s key objectives was to launch Compassion’s call for a United Nations Global Agreement for humane and sustainable farming.

Next steps

We will:

  • Champion a humane, sustainable future for food across the UK and Europe.
  • Step up our work with intergovernmental policy makers, and other NGOs, towards UN action to tackle the animal welfare, environmental and human health impacts of factory farming.
  • Mobilise citizens around the world to speak out against the intensive farming machine.
  • Our five-year goal: Policy measures by key governments, food companies and influential bodies to encourage the consumption of less, and better, meat, fish, milk and eggs.

Campaigns & highlights

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Ending the cage age

Since March 2017, we have been building on the immense achievement of winning an historic European Parliament vote against cages for farmed rabbits.

A cross-party group of MEPs is now focusing on caged farming, and we have secured a coalition of over 140 charities and NGOs behind our European Citizens’ Initiative to End the Cage Age. The aim: to secure over 1 million signatures and force the European Commission to consider a ban on cages for all farm animals.

In the UK, the wholesale review of legislation leading up to Brexit has also opened up opportunities to press for an end to cage farming. Behind the scenes, and through public campaigns, we are making a cage-free future one of our key demands for the future of UK farming.

Saving our antibiotics

As a founder member of the Alliance to Save our Antibiotics, Compassion has continued to focus on ending the misuse of drugs that props-up factory farming.

In November 2017, we published a solutions-led report, providing practical steps for supermarkets and farmers to help achieve a reduction in the use of antibiotics in farming. And, after years of lobbying, we secured an important clause in a proposed new EU regulation that will ban the routine preventive antibiotic treatment of farm animals.

Stopping live transport

Our Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day in June 2018 was the biggest to date: joined by 60 organisations in 35 countries, across 6 continents. Our supporters and citizens of the world really demonstrated the scale of opposition to long distance animal transport.

In the UK, a petition against live exports on the government’s website hit the magic 100,000 mark – and the issue was debated in Parliament. Thanks to our campaigners, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has indicated they are considering a ban on live exports for slaughter.

Other campaign highlights

  • November 2017: Compassion brought together food businesses, farming bodies and NGOs to discuss the labelling of meat and dairy products. A significant step forward in our campaign to give consumers the whole truth about how animals are reared.
  • December 2017: Of course animals can feel pain and joy! Our supporters persuaded the UK government to commit to recognise the sentience of animals in national law after Brexit.
  • February 2018: CIWF France won a court battle initiated by the pig industry. A huge victory in defence of our right to expose the truth and ask consumers to avoid factory farm cruelty.
  • May 2018: After persistent campaigning by organisations including Compassion, legislation came into force to make CCTV compulsory in English slaughterhouses.

Next steps

We will:

  • Inspire citizens in 28 countries across Europe to join the fight to End the Cage Age.
  • Step up the campaign for honest labelling of all meat and dairy products. Method of production labels on eggs have proven this can spark a surge in higher welfare choices.
  • Keep up the pressure for new EU controls on antibiotic use to lead to fundamental changes in animal welfare.
  • Ensure proper legal protection for the UK’s farm animals after Brexit, and convince the British government to introduce a complete ban on live exports for slaughter AND fattening.
  • Our five-year goal: Measurable progress towards a global agreement between politicians and policy makers to end factory farming.

Harnessing the power of Food Business

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Thanks to Compassion’s supporters, since the launch of our pioneering Good Egg Award in 2007, we have built a unique, internationally-respected programme that is convincing the world’s biggest food companies to step away from factory farming.

The latest Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards reached across Europe, China and the USA, with over 50 companies making higher welfare commitments for a total of 209 million hens, pigs, chickens, cows and rabbits.

When combined with previous award winners, other partnership projects and, more recently, a groundswell of other corporate pledges, our work with food businesses is now set to benefit OVER 1.78 BILLION animals every year.

Our partnership work on the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) also continues to shine a light on corporate efforts and reporting on animal welfare. BBFAW is a guide for major investors, who can in turn influence corporate policy, and the sixth annual Report was launched in February 2018 at the London Stock Exchange.

The report revealed that nearly half of the benchmarked companies now have explicit board or senior management oversight of farm animal welfare, and that almost three quarters have published formal improvement objectives. This year, the restaurant and catering sector saw the biggest improvements – but retailers, including M&S and Waitrose, dominated the top tier.

Next steps

We will:

  • Increase our efforts to convince more companies to act on the welfare of chickens – including moving away from fast growing breeds that suffer poor welfare.
  • Protect a cage-free future for millions of hens through our EggTrack programme, which will hold companies to account on their higher-welfare commitments.
  • Persuade major food companies to adopt higher welfare policies across their entire product ranges, including committing to end the use of cages for all farm animals.
  • Our five-year goal: A further 1.5 billion farm animals set to benefit from better welfare due to corporate and government commitments.

Leading the way for farm animals

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In 2017/18, around half a million Compassion supporters took action to end animal cruelty – from signing petitions and emailing politicians, to campaigning on the streets and running, cycling or even baking for a better life for farm animals.

There were also over 5 BILLION opportunities for people to hear the compassionate message: in the press, online, through TV and radio, we revealed the truth about factory farming and signalled the way to a higher welfare future.

We will end factory farming

The commitment, support and participation of our supporters makes Compassion in World Farming a powerful force for change. We are breaking down barriers and opening eyes. We are convincing governments, companies and citizens to take action against cruelty to farm animals.

How support was invested 2017/18

CIWF_Impact Report_income 925x1144.jpg
Global income

28% Stop the Machine – Campaigning for global action to end factory farming and reduce overall meat consumption

23.8% European & UK Campaigning – Driving improvements in and full enforcement of legislation that protects farm animals from needless suffering

26.2% Food Business – Harnessing the power of the global food industry and achieving rapid improvements for millions of animals

22% Fundraising & Investment Management – Funding our international programmes and growing the global movement

Fundraising expenditure includes strategic reinvestment to grow sustainable funding for our Stop the Machine, European & UK Campaigning and Food Business programmes.

This information is intended to give an overview of the charity’s allocation of resources in the year ending March 2018. Our detailed, audited accounts are available on request.

Our thanks to all those who have remembered Compassion in their Will, and to every individual and organisation who has donated or added their voice to help end factory farming.



You can download our impact report here.