Annual Review 2014/15

We’re delighted to show you some of the many ways your support has helped Compassion in World Farming fight cruelty to farm animals over the past year. Thanks to you, our influence is growing and – as you’ll see – you are changing millions of lives all over the world.

Joanna Lumley

What makes Compassion in World Farming so special is that, for nearly 50 years, it has done an amazing job of fighting for farm animals and eliminating cruelty. Although a small, specialist team, Compassion has huge impact, moving the massive gear levers of business, government and society.

Joanna Lumley, OBE, Compassion patron, actor and campaigner

Image of the world

Together, we’re building an army of MILLIONS OF VOICES around the world to speak out against factory farming.


Last year, over 710,000 people supported our campaigns worldwide.

OUR CAMPAIGNS have already improved the lives of hundreds of millions of farm animals. Together, we will keep fighting until all the world’s farm animals are treated with compassion and respect.

There’s still a long way to go. But together, we’re creating a better world for farm animals and a more sustainable future for all of us.

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Stopping the cruel and unnecessary long-distance transport of animals to slaughter has been one of our longest battles. Thanks to your unwavering support, we’re making real progress – and we will continue to campaign and protest until this horrific treatment of farm animals ends.


You helped our INVESTIGATORS uncover the trade in EU cattle exported live to war-torn Gaza for slaughter.

ALMOST 100,000 amazing supporters lobbied the European Commission, demanding an end to this cruel trade.

111 MEPs have now signed up to support a ban on exporting live farm animals from the EU.


You helped us expose the shocking treatment of animals at the notorious Karantina slaughterhouse in Lebanon. 51,893 PEOPLE joined our campaign in the UK: the abattoir was closed down and Lebanon introduced its first ever animal welfare law.

Joanna Lumley at Gadhimai protest


172,328 Compassion supporters spoke out against the Nepalese slaughter festival, Gadhimai. Thanks in no small part to your dedication, the world’s largest single location sacrificial slaughter has now been stopped.

AFTER 25 YEARS of campaigning, UK live animal exports have fallen from 2.5 million to around 50,000 a year.

Supporter demonstration in London against live exports


With your help, we’re continuing to push for an end to the suffering caused by long distance live animal transport and inhumane slaughter. We are demanding stronger regulations and exposing those who break the law.

Find out more about live animal transport

When people understand how their food is produced they can make better choices for farm animals. You’ve helped us campaign for clearer labelling and expose companies who mislead us. And it’s working. Thanks to you, support is growing for clear, mandatory food labelling.

Still from Secrets of Food Marketing video

You helped fund our hard-hitting film, The Secrets of Food Marketing, to expose how industry covers up appalling cruelty to farm animals. Now millions of people know the ugly truth about factory farming and marketing spin.

Over 12 MILLION views online to date, and counting.


Supporter and Rosa (volunteer in large chicken suit) in Prague

Thanks to you, Rosa the campaign chicken visited 21 EU countries in 39 days to demand clear, honest labelling of chicken meat. Rosa’s message reached 100 million people.


Craig Watts - chicken farmer - walking through a field

Craig Watts is a contracted chicken grower for Perdue Farms in the USA – one of the world’s largest chicken manufacturers. He became sickened by the way he is forced to treat his chickens inhumanely. Thanks to you, Compassion was there to help Craig tell his story to the world.

I just want to give the birds some sunshine and fresh air, I know they will love it.


Because of you, we are closer to changing the way food is labelled across Europe. Research proves that consumers want to know how their food is produced. We will continue to lead the campaign until honest labelling is mandatory.

Find out more about why Labelling Matters

The world has sleepwalked its way into an intensive farming system that causes enormous suffering for animals and is unsustainable for people and the planet. Compassion’s explosive book, Farmageddon, is exposing the cruelties and dangers of factory farming to new audiences worldwide.



Book covers for Farmageddon in Italian, Japanese and Polish
Farmageddon book advert with review from the Guardian

Your groundbreaking book has been published in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, India, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Poland, New Zealand, South Africa, Taiwan and the Czech Republic.

OVER 51 MILLION people have now heard Farmageddon's important message.


One of the urgent issues explored in Farmageddon is the over-use of antibiotics. It is a dangerous, short-sighted practice that not only encourages animal cruelty, it is a serious threat to our health.

Drawing of antibiotics pills with photographs of intensively farmed animals inside

45% of antibiotics in the UK are used on farm animals.


Thanks to you, we co-founded the Alliance to Save our Antibiotics.

38 organisations have now joined us.


Both the UK government and the European Commission have changed their stance and no longer support the routine use of antibiotics on farms.



You’re helping us promote Farmageddon around the world – and campaign to stop factory farming for good. We’re calling for urgent action to end the routine use of antibiotics in farming.

Take action to stop antibiotic Armageddon


The fastest way to transform the lives of farm animals is to influence the policies of the world’s most powerful food companies. Thanks to your support, we engage with some of the biggest brands in the world and hold them to account for the way they treat farm animals.


Compassion in World Farming, although small, can achieve real change for farm animals. It’s the combination of companies and Compassion which makes the right recipe for progress.

Willem-Jan Laan, Director of Global External Affairs, Unilever

79% OF UK CONSUMERS say farm animal welfare is important to them when deciding what to buy.

single colour drawing of a pig, a sheep, and a hen

Our Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards change lives: 257 MILLION animals are set to benefit each year.


Since partnering with Knorr, they have committed to sourcing all their meat, which is largely used in their bouillon stock products, from higher welfare systems. This has the potential to benefit more than 102 MILLION BROILER CHICKENS.


You helped us reach 90 MILLION consumers through the media and our food industry partnerships.


Thanks to you, major brands are changing their approach to farm animal welfare:

Major food company logos including McDonald's, Pret, Knorr, and Waitrose

…and hundreds more!


Our goal is to reach 1 billion consumers to give them clearer choices about the food they buy. By doing so, we aim to benefit the lives of 1 billion farm animals and place farm animal welfare at the heart of the food industry.

Find out more about the work of our Food Business team


Caging farm animals is barbaric and outdated. The time has come to end cruel cages once and for all. With your help, we launched our most ambitious campaign ever: to free every farm animal from cages in all 28 countries of the European Union.


Actor Kate Ford wearing rabbit ears

No animal should spend its life inside a cage. We must join together to end such cruelty and that’s why I stand with Compassion in World Farming to End the Cage Age.

Kate Ford, actor


Photo of a white rabbit on a white background

330 MILLION European rabbits live behind bars, in squalid, overcrowded conditions, each year.

Rabbits are the MOST CAGED farm animal in Europe.

Investigator taking photo with intensively farmed pigs reflected in camera's lens

Our investigators exposed the appalling suffering of caged rabbits in a groundbreaking film already seen by over 86,000 people.


  • Almost 280,000 people have now signed our online petition to end the use of cages in rabbit farming.
  • The issue of caged rabbits is now firmly on the political agenda in the UK and across Europe.


Drawing of a goose with "320,275 demand action on Foie Gras" written on its chest

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition to end cruel foie gras production in Europe.


With your support, we’re raising awareness and pushing for new laws to ban the use of cages for all farm animals throughout 28 countries in Europe.

Act now to End the Cage Age


Compassion’s growing army of volunteers and fundraisers never ceases to amaze us: organising community events and collections; taking to the streets in protest; signing petitions; bombarding politicians with letters and emails; getting sponsored to walk, run and cycle across continents; selling cakes; selling raffle tickets; giving talks in schools; remembering Compassion in their Will; funding our vital work.

We would also like to thank all the individuals, trusts and foundations who supported our work during the year, including our many anonymous donors. We are particularly grateful to the following:

A Team Foundation, Animal Welfare Trust, Dr Bronner’s & Kinetic, Jeremy Coller Foundation, Matthew Eyton Animal Welfare Trust, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Regina Bauer Frankenberg Foundation, GRACE Communications Foundation, JMG Foundation, Mark Leonard Trust, Sue Lines, Linda Macintyre, Persula Foundation.

Whatever it is you do, and because of what you do, together we change millions of lives. Thank you.



Compassion doesn’t receive a penny in government funding. It is only with the passion and commitment of everyone who supports our work that we can give farm animals a voice and fight factory farming. Thank you.

Pie chart of where Compassion receives money from

2014/15 INCOME

21% Regular Giving
19% Appeals & Donations
1% Raffles & Events
7% Gift Aid
6% Investments & Other Income
7% Tubney Charitable Trust Restricted Grants
32% Legacies
7% Trusts & Foundations



Pie chart of how Compassion spends money




49% Research, Investigations & Campaigning
19% Food Business Engagement
15% Public Education
3% Governance
14% Fundraising

Notes from the Trustees

This information is intended to give an overview of the charity’s allocation of resources and income sources. The full 2014/15 accounts are available on request.



This review highlights just some of the ways that Compassion is helping to fight factory farming. You can be at the heart of this movement for change by making a donation today.


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