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Evanna Lynch


Star of the infamous Harry Potter films, actress Evanna Lynch, has been a Compassion Patron for several years. You may know the silver-eyed, otherworldly character of Luna Lovegood, but unlike her onscreen persona, Evanna has her feet firmly on the ground – especially when it comes to farm animal welfare. Since becoming a Patron, Evanna has attended numerous rallies and is always keen to convey our campaign messages to the millions of followers on her social media channels and ChickPeeps podcast. We are grateful to have such an enthusiastic animal advocate wave the Compassion banner in our fight to end cruel factory farming.

We can all agree that keeping animals locked up in tiny cages where they can't even stretch their legs is inhumane, intolerable and unnecessary. We don't have to tolerate this kind of cruelty. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel here, just asking for some basic compassion and kindness in the lives of these creatures who have given up so much for us.
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Evanna supports our Stop Live Transport campaign

Evanna Lynch speaks out on live animal transport at Stop Live Transport protest held at Westminster, London 2018