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Mike Beckingham

Mike Beckingham

High Profile Supporter

English actor and writer Mike Beckingham is well known for his leading role as Josh in the hit movie Redwood for which he won Best Actor at The British Horror Film Awards. Mike grew up in the countryside of Gloucestershire where he developed a love of animals. Lending his talents to Compassion’s cause, Mike stared in our award winning film, Time to Decide – a moving piece that explores animal cruelty throughout the ages. After shooting this, he told us how the experience of being in the picture changed the way he buys his food, forever.

Time To Decide

Every generation must make its mind up what injustice and cruelty it will tolerate.

Mike believes that the key to upturning society’s habit for ‘cheap’ meat is to inform people, so that they can make up their own minds and feel empowered. “It’s all about educating people. It comes down to the consumer, but they have to be given a level playing field – they need to know the facts.

“Factory farming is hidden and that’s the scary thing – it’s all behind closed doors. We need to break down those doors.”

We are extremely grateful for Mike’s support in the fight for kinder farming.

Mike Beckingham