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Peter Egan


Celebrated actor and animal activist Peter Egan is extremely dedicated to all our campaigns including Stop Live Transport and End the Cage Age. Known for his roles in popular TV shows such as Downtown Abbey and Unforgotten, Peter is always keen to support our work when his busy schedule allows. As well as attending our rallies and events, he regularly shares our posts on his social media channels, helping increase our reach and build a strong army of support to end factory farming. Most recently, Peter helped us hand-deliver an open letter to 10 Downing Street asking the Prime Minister to ban live exports once and for all. We are lucky to have such an actively involved Patron and Visionary.

The live transport of animals is a cruel and totally unnecessary trade. We must keep exposing the truth until the suffering stops.
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Peter supports Halloween petition hand-in

“The true horror of live transport is absolutely shocking. It’s appalling that we allow such cruelty to continue.”