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Stanley Johnson


Respected author and former politician, Stanley Johnson has worked in the field of environment, conservation and animal welfare for over 40 years. As a Member of the European Parliament, he was Vice-Chairman of the Environment Committee and Founder-Chair of the All-Party Group on Animal Welfare.

He has received awards from the RSPCA, RSPB, WWF and Greenpeace for outstanding services to animal welfare and the environment respectively.

Stanley is particularly passionate in his support for Compassion’s global campaigns to ‘STOPTHEMACHINE’ and Ban Live Exports. He is also one of our Visionaries for Fair Food and Farming.

He is always willing to lend his support, whether attending our events, providing quotes or signing letters to editors.

It is truly wonderful to have the backing of such an inspirational and passionate advocate, delivering our messages to those who have the power to implement change for farm animals, and helping our mission to end cruel factory farming.

Stanley Johnson