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The Anna and Peter Roberts Circle, named in tribute to Compassion in World Farming’s founders, is a group of committed and passionate donors who share our vision of a world free from factory farming, in which farm animals are treated with compassion and respect.

By becoming part of this special group, with an annual gift of £1,000 or above, your ongoing support will help end factory farming – the biggest cause of animal cruelty on the planet. Your gift will help enable a move towards a regenerative food system – making the biggest impact for farm animal welfare through public, policy and industry change. You will receive in-depth updates on the difference your support is making, learn more about our work, and meet our team through events and webinars.

By ending factory farming, we can improve lives of billions of farmed animals, tackle the climate emergency, and protect the health of people and planet.

Make an Impact

It takes determination and perseverance, self-sacrifice and optimism to become a true friend of animals and defender of their needs and natural life. The Roberts knew so much about the welfare of farm animals and put their loving kindness into action. They are the leading lights of Compassion and I am proud to be part of their Circle.

Joanna Lumley OBE, Compassion patron

Joanna Lumley sitting in a field on straw bales holding a chicken and surrounded by others

You can become part of The Anna and Peter Roberts Circle by giving a donation of £1,000 or above annually. By making an annual commitment, your support allows Compassion to plan ahead for our priority programmes, as well as respond urgently when new programme opportunities arise.

Be Part of Lasting Change

Compassion’s campaigns have already seen the beginning of the end for many of the worst aspects of factory farming – the banning of barren battery cage for hens; the end to near-permanent confinement of sows; the abolition of the horrifically restrictive veal crate. The EU has listened to our voice and enacted legislation on all these issues. Our pragmatic engagement with global food companies to commit to improved animals welfare policies in their supply chains is set to benefit over 2 billion farm animals every year.

supporters and employees of CIWF, along with other NGOs and politicians celebrate the end of the ECI with a giant metal sculpture of a pig in front of the EU Commission

Your support will help enable Compassion in World Farming to deliver our upcoming ambitious goals:

  • Continue building support for a ban on cages to press European Parliament and UK government to enact legislation to end caged farming.
  • Campaign to end live animal exports.
  • Ensure a UK ban on routine preventative antibiotic use on farms.
  • Ensure legal protection for the UK’s farm animals after Brexit, including recognition of animal sentience in UK law.
  • Press for species-specific EU legislation to protect the welfare of fish, particularly at slaughter.
  • Engage with large food service companies in the US and Europe and producers in China to commit to improving farm animal welfare in their supply chain to benefit 2 billion animals every year.
  • Work at the UN-level to secure a global agreement for mandatory targets for governments to recued meat consumption and move towards regenerative farming.

You will enable Compassion to make strides towards ending factory farming, ending the world’s biggest cause of animal suffering alleviating environmental impacts and improving people’s health.

About Anna & Peter Roberts

The Anna and Peter Roberts Circle was established in 2014 in tribute to the late Peter Roberts who founded compassion in World Farming in 1967 with his wife Anna.

Anna and Peter outside with trees behind them on a sunny day

Peter was a dairy farmer who could see first-hand how the demand for supposed cheap food was having a devastating effect on farm animals, the environment and humans. Since its beginnings, Compassion has been making a difference to the lives of billions of farm animals around the world.

By becoming part of the Circle, you will be helping us deliver their vision of a world where farm animals are treated with compassion and respect.

The Duchess of Richmond

"I have long been inspired by the vision of Anna and Peter Roberts, who founded Compassion upon their deep concern not only for animals, but also for the people that intensive farming harms and exploits, and the habitats it destroys. My family worked hard to ensure that our farm at Goodwood achieved organic status and pays great attention to welfare. I am proud to be a founding member of the Anna & Peter Roberts Circle and would be delighted if you became part of this special group of friends."

Her Grace, The Duchess of Richmond, Patron of the Anna & Peter Roberts Circle

Further Information

For more information or if you have any questions about The Anna & Peter Roberts Circle, please contact the team on or +44 (0)1483 521 610.


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