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GAP Pigs - PowerPoint presentation

Download the full GAP Pigs PowerPoint presentation here in a single step. This version has the film clips embedded and works with versions of PowerPoint from 2010 onwards (pptx file, 146MB).

The PowerPoint presentation without the film can be downloaded here (ppt file, 33MB). This should also work with earlier versions of PowerPoint.

The presentation and the film clips can be downloaded separately in two easy steps:

  • Click “Download all as zip”
  • Extract all files

See the bottom of this page for technical information about using video clips in PowerPoint.

The presentation is also available on the Animal Welfare Aspects of Good Agricultural Practice – pig production DVD-ROM which can be ordered using the online form or our educational resources leaflet.

This presentation complements the film and is designed:

  • To provide more detailed information about issues raised in the film
  • To stimulate discussion in lectures, seminars and workshops
  • For private study by students working alone

The PowerPoint presentation covers pig welfare issues in detail. It can be used both for lecturing and for personal use. It is designed for use in lectures to accompany the film. It reinforces key points and includes questions to encourage thought and discussion of the issues. However, it can also work as a stand-alone resource.

The presentation is divided into 10 sections, containing approximately 150 slides including many pictures and about 40 short video clips. This could be enough for several lectures, though an alternative is to show some of the sections and leave the rest for private study.


  • Introduction - Natural behaviour and production systems
  • Chapter 1 – Space and foraging needs for dry sows
  • Chapter 2 – Avoiding aggression in dry sows
  • Chapter 3 – Space and nesting needs of farrowing sows
  • Chapter 4 – Avoiding teeth clipping in piglets
  • Chapter 5 – Avoiding castration in male piglets
  • Chapter 6 – Avoiding early weaning
  • Chapter 7 – Avoiding tail docking and tail biting
  • Chapter 8 – Good stockmanship
  • Summary - What good welfare depends on

Technical note on use of film clips in presentations

To use the pptx file with the video clips embedded, you need PowerPoint 2010 or later.

If you are using an earlier version of PowerPoint, then you need a ppt file and the information below will apply.

If the PowerPoint is downloaded correctly from the website, or copied as a folder from the DVD-ROM, the video clips should work when you play the PowerPoint file.

Problems can arise because, unlike pictures, videos are not directly incorporated into the PowerPoint file. The program inserts a link to the separate video file. The link can stop working every time the presentation file is moved or copied.

The key to ensuring that video clips can work is to keep all the files, including the PowerPoint file and the video files, together (so the links are unaffected). If downloading from the web, download all files together with the “Download all as zip” button at the top right of the download screen. Choose the “Save As” option and then create or select a folder for the files to be downloaded to.

This will download a zip file from which you will need to “unzip” or “extract” the files. If you navigate to the zip file and then select it, you should go to a screen which will list the files. There should be an “extract all files” button at the top left. If you do this and then load the PowerPoint presentation in the folder created, the film clips should work. NB These instructions for extracting files work in Windows 7. The process may be different in earlier or later versions.

If you later want to copy the folder to a network or other storage device, the files should be kept together. The same applies when copying the presentation off the DVD-ROM. There are two key ways of achieving this:

  • Select the whole folder containing the presentation and video clips and copy and paste them all together
  • Load the presentation and use the Publish – Package for CD option to save the file and all the links that are required to the destination of your choice. Again the exact command required will vary between different versions of PowerPoint.

When loading the file, the computer security system may question the running of video clips. If prompted, select the “enable content” or “enable editing” button to ensure that films can work.

If you have trouble running films in this presentation, please do contact us and we will try to help.

GAP Pigs - PowerPoint presentation

Pig behaviour and welfare in detail. Two easy steps to download with 150 slides and 40 video clips. For self-teach or use in lectures.

Download (PDF 0.14MB)


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