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A great selection of films and PowerPoints to engage students of all ages with the welfare of pigs and help to understand how we farm them.

Primary age


Our PowerPoint presentation is easy to use and looks at different pig behaviours and ways of farming pigs. It opens up discussion around these topics and the benefits of higher welfare farming. It is aimed at children aged 7-11 (KS2) but can be adapted for younger ones.

The PowerPoint is designed to be interactive. Questions to ask the children come up throughout – stop to discuss these before you get the answers! You will probably think of some more things to discuss.

The short films below are for children of any age!

Short Films:

  • Mother’s Day. 1 min 18 sec
    It's not Mother's Day today but in times of the current lockdown perhaps every day should be! Watch this free-range sow preparing for the birth of her piglets. See her create a nest, give birth and suckle her young.
  • Positive Behaviours – Pigs – Clip 1 . 56 sec
    Watch these free-range pigs enjoying life on the farm. See how they play, suckle and explore the outdoor world.
  • Positive Behaviours – Pigs – Clip 2. 1 min 16 sec
    See how much fun these piglets have exploring the woodland. They forage for food, run and play with joy.

These small film clips are fun and will show you how happy pigs can be! Here are some questions to consider while watching each film, to encourage observation and begin discussion:

  • What do pigs like to do? Make a list of their behaviours!
  • Do you think these pigs are happy? What makes you think this?
  • Are you surprised by anything you see?
  • Do you think it is important for pigs to be able to display these behaviours?
  • Would these behaviours be possible in an intensive farm?
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of free-range farming.

Watch this space for some more films very soon!

Very short film links of particular pig behaviours:

For these, ask the children what the pigs are doing and why. The children may like to adapt the films and pictures in the PowerPoint to make their own presentation.


Let’s Ask the Animals. 22 min

  • For ages 7-11 but people of all ages will enjoy this one!
  • See a pig keeping a “nose” on her offspring, hens learning from watching TV and sheep who know that one vehicle sounds different from another.

Older students – secondary and college

Mostly films

Good Agricultural Practice – Pig Production film

  • Considers the needs of pigs and how to achieve humane and sustainable pig farming.
  • Suitable for age 16 to adult.
  • There is also a book and a PowerPoint presentation (please note there are scenes in the presentation which are not suitable for children).

Farm Animals and Us film

  • The video is suitable for older primary (10-11) up to adult.
  • Looks at intensive and alternative farming of pigs, chickens and dairy cows.
  • Warning – film contains scenes of intensive farming animal confinement and separation of young animals from their mothers which some will find distressing

Farm Animals and Us 2 film

  • Suitable for aged 14 up to adult.
  • Considers intensive and alternative farming systems.
  • Warning – film contains scenes of intensive farming including animal confinement, separation of young animals from their mothers and one short clip of piglet tail-docking.