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A disaster waiting in the wings

Early in 2007, the United Nations' FAO research report stated that densely-populated livestock production generates "significant animal and public health risks."

Please help Compassion in world Farming to tackle the root cause of H5N1, namely an end to intensive poultry farming.

We are seeking to take positive steps to highlight the unnecessary suffering so often caused by intensive poultry farming. Each year, 10 million turkeys are produced specifically to meet the heightened demand for turkey at Christmas. Of all the turkeys in the UK, 90% are reared intensively, spending their short 15 week lives in windowless, crowded, barren sheds.

Our scientific report, The role of the intensive poultry production industry in the spread of avian influenza (2007), concluded: "The booming global trade in intensively farmed poultry and poultry products - an industry that has grown by 300% worldwide in the past two decades - is a serious risk factor in the emergence of the highly pathogenic strain of avian 'flu (H5N1) and its consequent spread around the world."

Please support this Christmas appeal. It underpins a major campaign to resolve the root cause of the suffering and risk of disease caused by intensive farming: we want humane and sustainable farming to be the New Year Resolution that everyone sticks to.

By making a donation today or by shopping compassionately, you really will be making a difference to billions of lives. Thank you.