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Help us urge EC to ban cloning of farm animals

News Section Icon Published 12/11/2008

We need your help to achieve a ban on cloning animals for food. We believe that the European Commission is nearing a decision on this issue and by writing to the President of the European Commission you could help influence this.

Why stand against cloning of animals farmed for food?

Cloning will perpetuate industrial farming concepts at a time when all other societal trends point towards sustainable farming and respect for animals as sentient beings.

We want the European Commission to ban the cloning of animals farmed for food in Europe and ensure that no food from cloned animals or their offspring enters the European food chain.

The evidence against cloning

EFSA Opinion

The Scientific Opinion of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) shows that cloning entails severe health and welfare problems for both cloned animals and their surrogate dams.

Significantly, EFSA stresses that "the mortality rate of clones is considerably higher than in sexually produced animals" and that there is "evidence of increased morbidity of clones compared with sexually produced animals".

European Group on Ethics

The Opinion of the European Group on Ethics (EGE) in Science and New Technologies concluded that "considering the current level of suffering and health problems of surrogate dams and animal clones, the EGE has doubts as to whether cloning animals for food supply is ethically justified". The EGE added that it "does not see convincing arguments to justify the production of food from clones and their offspring".

European Parliament

On 3 September 2008 the European Parliament voted, by an overwhelming majority, in favour of a Resolution calling for a ban on cloning animals for food. 630 MEPs voted in favour, with only 32 voting against.


The Commission's News Release on the recent Eurbarometer study concluded that Europeans are very sceptical about animal cloning for food production and that a very high percentage of citizens are negative about cloning for human consumption.

Legal position and proposed action

Cloning is arguably illegal under Council Directive 98/58 concerning the protection of animals kept for farming purposes. Paragraph 20 of the Annex provides that:

"Natural or artificial breeding or breeding procedures which cause or are likely to cause suffering or injury to any of the animals concerned must not be practised."

The evidence of animal suffering is overwhelming.


Join us in writing to the President of the European Commission, asking him to ban cloning of animals for food due to the inordinate amount of suffering being caused to the animals and in view of the strength of feeling against cloning in the European Parliament:

José Manuel Barroso
European Commission
B-1049 Brussels

You can also contact President Barroso via this webpage
or email his office:


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