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EU supports universal declaration of animal welfare

News Section Icon Published 26/03/2009

The Ministers of Agriculture from the European Union's 27 countries have given their support to a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW).

A Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare would help raise the status of farm animals globally

The UDAW campaign seeks a United Nations Declaration on Animal Welfare - effectively giving international recognition that animals are sentient beings and that animal care and treatment are vitally important.

The announcement from the Agriculture Ministers includes a commitment to "give active support to the development of … [the] Declaration at the United Nations," so this exciting news from Europe means further important political backing for the campaign.

The governments of Fiji, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Palau, the Seychelles, Cambodia, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK have already endorsed the UDAW and now the EU is is the first regional political body to support it. International and national veterinary associations have also declared their support.

The UDAW campaign is led by the World Society for the Protection of Animals and Compassion in World Farming is on the steering group. To add your voice to the campaign, please sign the petition for the Universal Declaration at