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News Section Icon Published 07/04/2009

The EU Commission may propose scrapping legislation requiring eggs to be labelled according to farming method.

Compassion in World Farming is dismayed that DG Agriculture of the European Commission may shortly recommend that the EU should repeal its legislation that requires eggs and egg packs to be labelled as to farming method.

The EU Commission is discussing the possibility of repealing the current law which requires battery eggs to be labelled as "eggs from caged hens"- legislation that Compassion in World Farming and our supporters fought so hard to bring about. This would mark a devastating backward step for both animal welfare and consumer freedom - making it more difficult for us all to make informed choices about our food.

The EU Commission is discussing the possibility of scrapping compulsory labelling of egg packs in favour of a voluntary scheme. Compulsory labelling by method of production has been an important contributing factor in the decline in demand for battery eggs, meaning that fewer hens in the EU endure a life of confinement.

Peter Stevenson, Compassion's Chief Policy Advisor says, "The success of the labelling legislation has been largely due to the fact that it has been compulsory for all methods of production, including the lower welfare systems."

"This threat to EU labelling law is extremely disappointing. There is a consumer demand for clear and honest labelling. We must ensure this legislation is retained".


We need your urgent support to urge the Commission not to abandon a law which benefits both animals and consumers.