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Suffering at slaughter exposed by new film

News Section Icon Published 06/05/2009

A new film launched today by Compassion in World Farming and the French organisation One Voice highlights the harsh reality of slaughter in much of Europe.

French Farm Animal Slaughter 2009

This film depicts cruel slaughter practices within the French farming industry.

The film was edited by Compassion in World Farming from investigation footage obtained by One Voice.

During a year-long investigation, One Voice visited 25 French abattoirs. The suffering exposed by this investigation is not confined to France. Serious deficiencies in slaughter practice have been documented in a number of EU countries by the European Commission's Food and Veterinary Office - and by investigations by animal welfare organisations.

The new film reveals rough handling and incompetent stunning leading to animals being stunned two or three times and regaining consciousness before throat cutting. It shows animals that cannot walk being dragged to the point of slaughter and a calf that is left in a stunning box for a protracted period cowering in terror and trying to escape. The suffering endured by animals that are subjected to religious slaughter without stunning is highlighted by the film.

The film is launched as the 27 EU countries discuss a proposed new Regulation on welfare at slaughter. Compassion is sending the film to representatives in all 27 countries, urging them to strengthen the proposed Regulation which is far too weak in certain key areas to halt the suffering that is commonplace in many of Europe's abattoirs.

We believe that farm animals should not and need not suffer.

If you agree, please support us today. Achieving legal recognition of animals as sentient beings (capable of feeling pain and distress) is just one of the things that our supporters have helped us achieve so far. Your donation could help end all forms of farm animal cruelty and help us stop factory farming in its tracks.

We receive no government funding so rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters to prevent cruelty to farm animals all over the world.

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