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Slaughter footage reveals horrifying suffering

News Section Icon Published 07/06/2012

Compassion has today released harrowing footage of slaughter practices which are causing untold suffering to countless animals and which the charity believes to be commonplace across much of the developing world.

When we first received some of the footage that appears in the video linked to below, we made the decision not to release it, as we believed it was too harrowing.

We have omitted the worst footage, as it is too distressing to show, but we have been asked by many to share this footage and we are now releasing it to bring the appalling situation to the attention of the World Bank, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the OIE and the European Commission, all of which have a role to play in improving the situation and reducing animal suffering.

  • Watch the video here. Warning: The video contains potentially distressing footage of extreme animal cruelty and slaughter.

The footage, filmed in Egypt, Indonesia and Turkey, clearly shows extreme animal suffering and breaches of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) standards on the welfare of animals during transport and slaughter that all three countries are signed up to.

Compassion's Chief Policy Advisor Peter Stevenson, says: "This is the most distressing film I've seen in more than 20 years working in animal welfare.

"While this footage is from three countries, the suffering it shows is indicative of what is happening in many more countries. Animals at the most vulnerable stage of their lives are being made to endure extreme suffering, either through cruelty or sheer ineptitude."

Peter adds: "In some of the most disturbing footage from Turkey, a cow is slaughtered. She is then cut open while she is probably still conscious. A calf, clearly alive, is pulled out and after just two minutes of life, his throat is cut and he is chucked into the rubbish chute.

"In Egypt cattle are beaten on the head with a large pole. In some cases it takes several blows before the animal is so dazed that it falls to the ground when its throat is then cut.

Compassion is asking the World Bank, FAO, OIE and the European Commission to work together as a matter of urgency to help developing countries to:

  • improve the physical infrastructure of slaughter facilities
  • improve working practices
  • provide effective training
  • strengthen veterinary supervision
  • improve the management of slaughter facilities
  • incorporate the OIE standards into their domestic legislation.

Take Action:

  • Email the Egyptian Ambassador and call on Egypt to take immediate action to ensure that slaughter operations are carried out in accordance with the OIE recommendation on welfare at slaughter.
  • Please ask any friends who are holidaying in Egypt, Turkey or Indonesia not to eat the meat as it will almost certainly come from an animal that has suffered massively during slaughter.

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