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Sustainable chicken kievs

Farmer Jimmy Doherty has been taking on three of Tesco's best-selling own brand products: chicken kievs, meatballs and 'standard' sausages, and looking at how to make higher-welfare versions for the same affordable price.

During this week's episode, aired last night (Tuesday 12 June), Jimmy explores chicken kievs.

In this final episode Jimmy tries to transform Tesco's best-selling own brand chicken kiev. He wants to create a free range version and finds the solution in the form of free range 'spent' egg-laying hens.

Once these hens have come to the end of their egg-laying lives, much of their meat is normally exported to Africa (as we have grown accustomed to the taste of younger, broiler chickens). Making them into products that can be sold in the UK is more sustainable for the farmers and reduces the carbon footprint of exporting them abroad.

In the first episode Jimmy looked into veal meatballs.

The second episode explored Tesco's own brand sausages to see whether Jimmy could produce a free range version without raising the cost.

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