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Factory farming: an unhealthy idea

News Section Icon Published 19/07/2012


Barely a day goes by without yet another diet tip; eat this, drink that, avoid these... Some are based on sound science – others are more of a fad. Well, we’ve got one that everyone should keep in mind – if you’re going to eat meat, for the sake of your own health, choose the highest-welfare option possible.

New research

New research from Compassion in World Farming examined more than 200 research studies to see if meat, eggs and milk from higher-welfare farm systems are nutritionally different to products from factory farms. The result? Yes. And higher-welfare options take the prize.

The tastiest facts

  • Higher welfare = lower fat content

    For example, higher-welfare chicken contains up to 65% less fat.

  • Higher welfare = higher levels of omega-3

    For example, the fat in higher-welfare chicken contains up to 565% more omega-3.

    Omega-3 is vital for good health, aiding brain development and heart health.

  • Higher welfare = higher levels of antioxidants

    For example, higher-welfare eggs contain up to 100% more vitamin E.

    Antioxidants are vital for good health, helping fight diseases such as cancer.

No surprise

It’s a no-brainer, if you think about it. Factory-farmed animals live like couch potatoes, eating a grain-heavy diet with no access to pasture.

A win-win

So higher-welfare farming is good for animals and the planet, and it’s also better for us. By enjoying tastier, higher-welfare animal products, you could significantly reduce your dietary intake of fat, including saturated fat, and increase your intake of omega-3 and antioxidants. Good news all round.

Appetite for more? Why not check out the full report.


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