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Sow stall ban deadline looms

News Section Icon Published 07/08/2012

On the 1st January 2013 the EU partial-ban on the use of sow stalls will come into effect.

And the campaign to bring the rest of the EU closer to UK standards on sow stalls is stepping up as the deadline looms for the ban.

The partial ban means the use of sow stalls will be prohibited after the first four weeks of pregnancy, across all 27 member-states.

Tens of thousands of sows, who currently spend much of their adult lives in the stalls, will be freed to live in higher welfare conditions.

However, figures from the European Commission suggest that at least nine out of the 27 EU nations are expected not to be compliant with the ban, despite having more than a decade to prepare.

Comedian John Bishop is the latest high profile supporter of Compassion's Project Pig campaign and animal welfare groups across the EU are joining us in our efforts to make sure the EU-wide sow stall ban comes into effect on time and in full.

Millions of pigs are set to benefit from the ban; with many already out of life-long confinement across Sweden, Luxembourg and the UK.

Sow stalls are designed to stop sows fighting but they cause physical injury, psychological stress and social deprivation.

Sows in the stalls cannot turn around and cannot interact properly with other sows. Many show how frustrated they are by repeatedly biting the bars of their stall.

Compassion has been urging national governments and the relevant EU institutions to ensure full compliance with the law.

With the help of our supporters and high profile names like John, we will continue to push for the ban to come into place in full on 1st January 2013.

Take Action:

  • Send our message to the leaders of farmers' organisations in nations that won't be ready on time for the sow stall ban.

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