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Our broken food system

In recent weeks, it has become apparent that there is a lack of transparency in how our food is produced. Too often it seems that labels mean next to nothing and we simply don't know what it is that we are eating.

Compassion believes that our food system should have real integrity. At the very least, food should be labelled correctly, so that each of us can make the choice on what we are eating and how the product has been reared – should it be an animal product.

We are calling for better labelling on all animal produce and ingredients in the European Union; for labels to be simple and clear in conveying how the food was produced. Without it, there is little chance of consumers being able to properly exercise their right to choose; and very little hope of getting true transparency in our food system.

We now know that a "beef" lasagne may, in fact, be horsemeat lasagne. Not only is this misrepresentation scandalous, but in addition, we have no idea how the horses were reared and treated throughout their lives.

Compassion in World Farming CEO, Philip Lymbery, says:

"Today's scandal of horsemeat in beef products is likely the tip of the iceberg. There are real and deep-rooted problems sitting below the surface of our broken food system. And the bottom line is that we clearly, all too often, just don't know what's in our food or how it's produced."

Take action:

Our Labelling Matters campaign is calling for honest method of production labelling on all products of animal origin.