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News Section Icon Published 26/06/2013

The Bee Cause

Compassion has signed up to support the Bee Cause, a campaign led by Friends of the Earth to save Britain's honey and wild bees.

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News Section Icon Published 25/06/2013

G8 2013: leading the charge against hunger?

Just under a billion people in the world are malnourished. But the great irony is that there’s more than enough food to go around. At this month’s G8 summit, world leaders discussed the issue of food security.

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News Section Icon Published 23/06/2013

Ireland no friend to animal welfare

Compassion has recently undertaken an investigation into five pig farms in Ireland. The findings were worse than we could have imagined. Compassion's Investigation Unit identified multiple levels of cruelty, neglect and systematic…

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News Section Icon Published 18/06/2013

The end of the birds and the bees?

We all know that smoking kills, but did you know that a nicotine-based substance is lethal to bees, too? Global bee populations are in freefall, and one of the main reasons is the rise of neonicotinoid pesticides on crops.

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News Section Icon Published 17/06/2013

EU citizens demand action for pigs

Compassion's latest EU-wide pig campaign has set a new record for us: In just two weeks, the new pig campaign petition, coinciding with our Italian office launch, has achieved 100,000 signatures.

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News Section Icon Published 14/06/2013

EU realises that 'Labelling Matters'

A new system for labelling fish products, agreed by the European Union, will give consumers information about the way their fish is caught and sets a precedent for clearer labelling of other animal products.

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News Section Icon Published 12/06/2013

Where there's swill, there's a way

A smart new anti-food waste campaign is calling for catering waste to be fed to pigs rather than tossed into landfill.

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News Section Icon Published 12/06/2013

G8: help phase out routine antibiotics in farming

It has been reported that the UK government will be bringing the issue of antibiotic resistance to the G8 table. This is excellent news.

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News Section Icon Published 10/06/2013

Dover residents oppose live exports

More than 100 people came to Dover Town Hall on Friday, 7th June, to listen to speakers including Compassion's Director of Campaigns Dil Peeling speak against live export of animals from the UK for fattening or slaughter abroad.

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News Section Icon Published 05/06/2013

A diet fit for World Environment Day?

World Environment Day (WED) is asking us to think about the impact of our diets on the planet, and there’s probably no better place to start than with meat (eating less of it, to be precise).

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