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250,000 Europeans say no to pig suffering

News Section Icon Published 13/09/2013

Compassion is so appreciative of everyone who has signed our EU Pig Petition, urging EU countries to comply with the Pigs Directive. In under six months, we have reached the 250,000 mark, an immense achievement.

Why are we campaigning for pigs?

Compassion's Investigation Unit has been carrying out investigations into pig farming in the EU. The results are shocking with widespread maltreatment uncovered. In Spain, Italy and Ireland our investigators found:

  • Pigs living in completely barren environments, housed on bare concrete with nothing to satisfy their inquisitive minds
  • Pigs with tails routinely docked - a painful mutilation used to prevent tail-biting, which can occur when pigs are forced to live in barren conditions
  • Signs of tail biting as a result of poor conditions
  • Pigs living in pens inches deep in excrement
  • Severe injuries caused by fighting, with some pigs so severely wounded they had died from their injuries
  • Signs of cannibalism as a result of barren conditions and extreme boredom
  • Pigs left sick or injured, sometimes left to die, in corridors.

These farms represent a wide section of the EU pig industry, meaning millions of pigs could be enduring these terrible conditions every year.

Compassion in World Farming is calling for an enforcement of the law, including:

  • Enrichment materials (such as straw) to be provided to all pigs
  • Tail docking to only be used as a last resort, never routinely
  • Sows to be kept in groups, in large pens, with plenty of bedding
  • Limited stocking densities, to avoid over-crowding
  • All sick or injured animals to be treated and cared for immediately.

Please take action by signing the petition now, calling for an end to this illegal and inhumane treatment of pigs throughout the EU.


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